Satnam Singh


Hacking about circuits, functional programming and verification.

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Satnam Singh

Satnam Singh is a software engineer working at Google Research on the formal specification and verification of hardware for secure and private computing as part of Project Oak.

Satnam Singh has previously worked in several areas including functional programming, hardware design, domain-specific languages, compilers, custom hardware acceleration with ASICs and FPGAs, accelerating machine learning algorithms, concurrency and parallelism, formal verification, configuration management, distributed systems, container orchestration, cloud computing and low level Android performance improvement.

Satnam Singh is an ex-academic with experience of creating research projects and obtaining research grants and a love of teaching. Professional duties include elected member of ACM SIGPLAN executive committee (until 2018), IFIP WG2.8 and IFIP WG2.11 elected member and much experience of PCs and reviewing for government grant award committees and advisory boards.